Marty Pack

Board Member

Marty is an Intellectual Creative with a vision. Through academic and investigative research, she brings a level of compassion to tell an honest story. Her desire to educate fuels her drive to teach the underlying causes of marginalization. 

Her production The Take Over of Testing was the first to show the marginalization of BIPOC communities using the eugenics policies of the testing movement. She was also one of, if not the first, to educate the community about the school-to-prison pipeline through this film. True to the documentary’s investigation, we can see the devastation wrought by the destructive policy. 

This film is relevant more than ten years later. 

Her second film, Maria’s Story, Undocumented Violence, looked at an undocumented woman surviving an abusive marriage, gaining legal status, and achieving the American dream. It was used to educate social work students and the public at Governor State University. The film is now used by the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Domestic Violence Outreach program to inspire the undocumented community to get help. 

Marty has a background in relationship building, production, teaching, and research. While raising two children alone, she worked full-time and graduated Suma Cum Laude with a self-directed bachelor’s degree in Communication/Production. She holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Northeastern Illinois University where she has done groundbreaking research on Domestic Violence through the Lens of Catholicism. She worked as a COVID Investigator for Grand County Public Health throughout the COVID pandemic.  She has taught Political Science for Columbus State Community College and in K-12 schools. Marty has studied Public Health and Public Affairs at the University of Colorado. Her most loved education was improv at the Second City in Chicago. 

She was fortunate to have traveled extensively prior to the pandemic. She enjoys spending time hanging out with her two children and dog, Diamond. Her hobbies are reading theory, listening to music, and being a gym rat.