Pertunia Mokoena

Board Member

Pertunia Mokoena is a specialist in communication, training, relationship management, and corporate governance. With over 14 years of experience in various industries including the small volumes chemicals space, her superpower is simplifying complex subjects and building rapport.

Pertunia is a founding partner at Audacity Worx, and has used her vast experience in communications, branding, corporate governance and business development to establish the entity as a leading provider of videography and animation services. Over the years, and under the leadership of Pertunia, Audacity Worx has gained market share both in Africa, as well as the Arab nations in recent times. As a seasoned director in her own right, Pertunia’s creative work has been showcased in various film festivals. Her film - ‘Bisho Massacre’, was shown in the Encounters Film Festival in 2020.

Besides challenging norms in new and interesting industries, she is also a beloved wife and mom. She spends her free time developing her keen eye as a newbie interior designer and has been spotted in front of the camera lens presenting some shows a few times!

Pertunia is passionate about helping people create sustainable livelihoods to help leverage themselves to their next and higher level. She is a strong believer that if you are going to have a breakthrough, make sure the hole is big enough for others to climb through too.