Kristen Stevens Hobbs

Advisory Board

Kristen Stevens Hobbs is a senior level public health professional with experience in epidemiology, public health program evaluation, public health program development, implementation, and partnership development. She is an expert in health justice and health equity and believes in the value of implementing epidemiologic principles for the design, implementation, and management of evidence-based interventions. Kristen currently serves as the Director of Quality Improvement & Equity at the National Minority Quality Forum. She is the Founder and Principal of The Equity Studio, LLC, where she assists organizations in health equity strategy, public health interventions, and public health communications. Kristen earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Texas Woman’s University and her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology from Saint Louis University.

Before joining the National Minority Quality Forum, Kristen worked at Susan G. Komen Headquarters as Senior Manager of their Health Equity Initiative. She served at Komen for five years and held varying roles as an evaluator and subject matter expert in the development and implementation of the initiative. Prior to Komen, Kristen worked with the Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of Saint Louis University on accreditation efforts, survey development, research, and analysis. She also worked for the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health’s Communicable Disease Control Services Division to evaluate and monitor the department’s perinatal hepatitis B program, conduct epidemiologic surveillance of infectious diseases, and refine behavioral health marketing messages for STD prevention and awareness in north St. Louis, Missouri. During her graduate studies at Saint Louis University, Kristen conducted public health research studies aimed at 1) assessing the disparities in genetic testing within the African American community of St. Louis, Missouri; 2) analyzing the correlation of health education and asthma management plans for prevention in adolescents; and 3) defining predictive tools for the epidemiologic surveillance of influenza. In addition, Kristen brings unique experiences in pharmaceutical business analytics, mergency medicine, and research to NMQF/SHC.

In her spare time, Kristen enjoys spending time with her superstar 3-year-old and wonderful husband. She enjoys writing poetry, reading, and music.