Andrea Tomasek

Advisory Board

Andrea Tomasek is a Senior Project Manager at Optum (part of United Health Group) where she manages a $2M 2-year overhaul of our provider communication technology. While in this role she has been tapped to help with data analyst work, process improvement initiatives, and financial forecasting.

Before working at Optum she spent 10 years in the printing industry. Her specialty is taking complicated issues & presenting them to the executive level in a way they can understood. She is currently a volunteer member on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee at Optum.

She grew up in East St Paul, MN in a marginalized community. Her experience living in that community lead her to care deeply about inequality and lifting others. She is active in political organizing and volunteered on political primary campaigns, Vote or Die, and Minnesota’s gay marriage bill. She was an active Toastmaster member before the pandemic. Since her post COVID illness, her outreach is focused on Twitter and TikTok (@efcovid19) to connect with other long haulers and learn as much as possible about the condition to help the long covid community.

Andrea is happily married and has two brilliant and beautiful children 5 and 7 years old. They enjoy going to their cabin in the woods and relaxing on the weekends.