Alexandra Hackett

Advisory Board

Alexandra is passionate about storytelling, social justice and making a difference in the community. It is reflected in her career path and volunteer opportunities.

For the first ten years of her career she worked as a broadcast TV reporter at affiliates across the country. Alexandra has a decade of experience working for nonprofit agencies that serve the elderly, refugees, marginalized communities, the homeless, human trafficking survivors, as well as programs that provide adoption, foster care and emergency disaster relief. She was on the front lines in Houston in 2017 helping with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and she was deployed to Panama City, Florida in 2018 for relief efforts following Hurricane Michael. Alexandra is currently on the communications and marketing team at Jefferson Health, the largest healthcare system in Philadelphia.

Alexandra is an advocate for long COVID survivors, having battled the illness since March 2020. Alexandra has been interviewed numerous times by the news media about her experiences and the impact long COVID is having on individuals, the healthcare system and the workforce. She leverages multiple online platforms for advocacy to build supportive relationships with long COVID survivors, raise awareness of long COVID, combat misinformation, and help long haulers get the treatment they need and deserve.

She took on a leadership role in the 2017 Women’s March, helping to mobilize tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians through raising awareness of the Washington DC event and assisting with plans for their transportation. Alexandra also volunteered with the Biden campaign in 2020 to build support with veterans and military families across Pennsylvania.